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        How to maintenance and maintenance of pipe bending machine

        1, when tank cleaning pipe bender, to clean the pump inlet filter.

        2, 1-2 months after the equipment start using, cleaning and filtering tank hydraulic cases at a time.

        3, advance and retreat cut failure is found, first check whether the electromagnetic valve movement such as solenoid valve movement is normal, check sequence valve 6 x3, overflow valve YF - L20H4 impurities or one-way unloading valve 4 hd3 ever stuck phenomenon. (this kind of phenomenon generally began to use the device easily happen). If you have stuck phenomenon, open clean with gasoline or diesel, packed again.

        4, hydraulic pump station parts of each joint are equipped with oil resistant rubber sealing ring, such as sealing ring damage, oil, should be timely replacement.

        5, check each part fasteners, in a state of fastening.

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